While Ralph Miliband was fighting in Normandy, Paul Dacre's father was avoiding the front-line

Published on October 1 2013

(not satire - it's Paul Dacre!)


I have it on good authority that foul-mouthed Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre is very proud of his father. On becoming editor of the Mail he even revived his father's column Ephraim Hardcastle as a tribute to him.

Which makes the bizarre attack on Ed Milband's father by the Mail even stranger.

In 1944 when the 22-year old Ralph Miliband was bravely risking his life storming German positions protecting the Normandy beaches, Paul Dacre's 19-year-old father Peter Dacre was working in London as a show business reporter for newspapers such as the Daily Express.

Quite how a fit 19-year-old managed to avoid call-up to the front line at that time God only knows.

Perhaps show business reporters - like coal miners - were considered just as essential to the war effort as fighting soldiers?

Whatever the reason - you'd think Mr Dacre would want to avoid comparisons between the two men. Wouldn't you?


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In a flap 10/06/2013 11:03

is the irony of attacking a mans father lost on you lot when you are commenting on an article attacking a mans father, but this article has not a shred of evidence to back up its assertion.
the mail at least used Milibands own words to condemn him. the mock outrage shown by large sections are more to do with an inbuilt hatred of the mail rather than any moral outrage.
Where was the outrage when the mirror and gaurdian attacked Camerons father, or rooted through his bins. where was the the outrage when the gaurdian made up the well known fact about the murdock group of then "Deleting voicemails from milly dowlers phone", something the gaurdian later apologised for in print. However it is now often used as fact by the left to beat the murdock press. Very few on the left felt a moral outrage when piers morgan at the mirror mocked up photo's of torture by british troops in iraq.
where are the screams of outrage and demands for teh mirror to be closed down now it is under investigation for phone hacking. Check any paper on sept13th and you will find the news, although you won't find it in the guardian or the mirror.

The mail may be many things, but it often writes critical articles about the government and cameron in particular, unlike the mirror that gives sycophancy a bad name.

Max Musson 10/06/2013 02:18

You might be interested to know that Ralph Miliband is alleged to have served aboard HMS Royal Arthur and HMS Valorous during WWII.
HMS Royal Arthur was an onshore training establishment for the Royal Navy near Skegness, see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/36/a4377936.shtml
While HMS Valorous was a convoy escort destroyer operating primarily in British territorial waters and took no part in the D-Day landings, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Valorous_(L00)#World_War_II
Also: http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-10DD-09VW-Valorous.htm

In a flap 10/03/2013 16:44

I don't want to belittle you in any way, but storming the normandy beaches? Really now.
Unless he was commanding a landing craft it is unlikely he got within miles of the beaches. In fact it is hard to establish much at all about his wartime service .For instance what rank did he attain. All I have found out so fat is that he served on two ships, saw no action at all until D-Day and ended up in the Med. It would be interesting to find out some more about his wartime service as it is mentioned so often as proving his patriotism. Of course serving in the forces does not automatically mean he loved the country, after all burgess, philby and maclean were all in the services, and no one would claim they were patriots. Not that I am suggesting in any way that he was a spy, just making a point.
Was he a patriot or just another of the useful idiots

Nina 10/03/2013 01:51

For an encore the Daily Mail should claim that black is white and then vanish from the space-time continuum in a flash of vitriolic paradox when running their next immigrant story.

tony 10/02/2013 21:30

Milliband sounds like a right twat, so does Dacre.